Frequently Asked Questions


There are many online education degree programs available completely online at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as certificate programs. Please visit our Academic Programs page for a full listing.

Log into myState, choose the Banner tab, then under the Academic Records Menu, choose Apply For A Degree.

Online courses/programs are offered in fall, spring, and summer semesters and follow the same academic calendar schedule as on-campus courses. Semester academic calendars can be found on the Registrar's Office webpage.

To assess your readiness for a online course you may complete the eLearnReady assessment available to all students considering online education. eLearnReady is an indicator of the level to which online education and/or education in a technology rich environment will be a good fit for you.

You can enroll in online education courses; however, tuition is charged per credit hour on all online education courses, and may exceed the full term maximum. Online education courses do not fit into the tuition cap. An instructional support fee and additional distance fees may also apply. Please be sure to consult with your academic advisor prior to registering for any online education course.

To view all available online education courses offered in a particular semester, please visit the Master Class Schedule. On the Campus drop down box, select Center For Distance Education.

Yes, online education courses/programs are of the same academic quality, rigor, and equivalency of main campus courses. Prior to any distance education course/program's initial delivery, the University Committee on Courses and Curricula and administrative approval must be obtained. All distance education courses/programs delivered are held to applicable university/IHL regulations.

Yes. All information regarding online orientation for online courses/programs can be found on the distance Online Orientation page.

Yes. Online students may participate in graduation upon the completion of their degree requirements.

No. Your diploma will read "Mississippi State University" and is the same diploma received by a main campus student.

Application & Admission to MSU

Applications for admission are always available online, so you may apply at any time.

Undergraduate applicants may apply through the Office of Admissions and Scholarships.

Graduate applicants will find instructions on how to apply through the Office of the Graduate School.

Please consult the Academic Calender for semester dates and deadlines.

Yes, online students qualify for the same scholarships as main campus students at the undergraduate level. To learn more about the types of scholarships that are available and the requirements and deadlines for applying for a scholarship, please see the Office of Admission and Scholarships website.

Yes. Once you are admitted and registered for classes you will be provided the opportunity to obtain a student ID. More information is found on the Online Education site under the Resources heading. Click Student Services for more information.

Online Student Services

Coordinators are part of an experienced team committed to ensuring the best educational experience possible for online students. They are the chief liaison between the online learners and the Academic Departments and Colleges, as well as the main point of contact for all online education courses, certifications, and programs at Mississippi State University.

Online tutoring for online students is available. Visit Online Tutoring for more information.

Community college and university testing centers and libraries are preferred. If one of these is not a viable option, you may choose a proctor, but the proctor must meet specific requirements found under Proctoring.

If you are in Starkville, the Center for Distance Education has a testing center located in Memorial Hall, room 205. For specific questions concerning proctoring contact Gail Miller at 662-325-2677 or

myState & Class Registration

myState is your one-stop, personal portal where a single login using your NetID and NetPassword connects you to Mississippi State University. myState is a productivity center for accessing your email and calendars, as well as being a source for news, weather, the campus directory, and announcements. You can also check your courses, update your directory information, register for classes, pay bills, view your account statements, and much more.

Your NetID and NetPassword are your keys to logging in to your myState account, your Canvas account, and your official Mississippi State BullyMail email account. All MSU students are assigned a NetID; you will create your NetPassword to be used in conjunction with the NetID.

New online students will receive an email with detailed registration instructions attached upon acceptance to the university. Returning distance students must contact their academic advisor prior to the start of each new semester before being eligible to register for any courses. The academic advisor will release students to register after advising has occurred. Students can then log in to myState using their NetID and Netpassword, and click on the Banner tab. Registration options will be in the first column of the page.

When you register online, you are automatically enrolled in classes. First, log in to myState and choose the Banner Tab, select Register for Classes under the Registration Menu. As you click Add a Class, each course description will appear at the top of the page. This is your confirmation of registration.

You may view and print out your class schedule at that time, or by selecting View Your Class Schedule & Grades under the Academic Records Menu.

There are a number of reasons that you may be unable to register for your online courses.

  • Error code: Are you receiving an error code when you attempt to register for a course? Error codes most frequently occur when a class is full, when there is a pre-requisite, or major restriction for the course. If you receive an error code, please note the error code number and the course you are experiencing trouble registering for and contact your academic advisor or coordinator for assistance.
  • Hold on your account: Do you have a hold on your account preventing you from registering for courses? Contact Account Services at 662.325.2071 for further assistance.
  • Incomplete application: Have you fully completed the application process? In some cases applicants have an incomplete application and this prevents them from moving forward in the registration process. Undergraduates can contact Lisa Carraway,, in the Center for Distance Education and Graduates can contact the Office of the Graduate School if you are experiencing trouble with this.
  • Prerequisites: Do you meet all of the prerequisites for the course in which you are attempting to register. If you are unsure of your qualifications for a course contact your academic advisor for further assistance.
  • Specific registration time slots: Students are assigned a specific time slot for registration each semester and will not be able to register for courses until their designated time. To find out your designated time to register, please contact your academic advisor.

After registering for your classes, choose Order or Reserve your Textbooks in the Registration Menu. Follow the instructions on the screen and a listing of required textbooks and materials will appear for the semester. Or visit Barnes & Noble at MSU to search and order.

Access to online courses is available on the first day of class and not before. On the first day of class, log in to Canvas. Your courses are listed under the Course List module in the middle of the page.

Log in to myState open the navigation menu by clicking the "hamburger" icon at the top left of the page, choose the Banner tab, then under the Academic Records Menu, choose View Your Class Schedule and Grades.

Technical Support

Technical assistance is available if you encounter any problems in your online class environment. Information is posted within each course regarding common problems and solutions, including contact information.

Students registered in online courses should contact the Center for Distance Education for Canvas technical assistance.

Fill out the Technical Assistance form at the bottom of the webpage under Other Issues, or call 662.325.0278. If you require assistance outside of the 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST hours, you may contact Information Technology Services (ITS).

Visit our Technical Assistance page for a complete listing of recommended technology requirements

Tuition & Fees

Online education courses are assessed the applicable in-state per credit hour tuition rate. Tuition rates are subject to change without notice per the State Legislature and Institution of Higher Learning approval. Distance fees may apply to online education courses and are non-refundable under any circumstances.

Current Tuition and fees are listed under the "Distance Education" tab on the Office of the Controller and Treasurer.

Fees for specific distance courses are also available.

Textbooks and course materials are not included in tuition cost.

In general financial aid is applicable to online education courses. All financial aid decisions are made by the Office of Financial Aid. For more details, please visit the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Further Assistance

Contact us at:

Center for Distance Education
365 Barr Avenue | P.O. Box 5247
Mississippi State, MS 39762
662.325.3473 or Toll Free: 844.362.3706