Collegiate Recovery Community

Now Available to Mississippi State University's Online Students

We’re glad you’ve decided to discover more about our program. The aim of the Collegiate Recovery Community at Mississippi State University is to promote courage, hope, and citizenship in order to support students in recovery from alcohol, other drugs, and process addictions. As a University with a commitment to Community Engagement we have created a first-of-its-kind support program for Mississippi State students not only near, but far as well. Through engaging and collaborative components, we hope to build a safe and supportive online community that enhances your recovery and academic journey. We invite you to reach out, learn more, get plugged in, become involved and join our family. We look forward to hearing from you! Hail State & Hail Recovery Always, The Collegiate Recovery Community at Mississippi State University

Please contact Blake Schneider at 662.325.3192 for more information or visit to learn more about the CRC.

The Collegiate Recovery Community offers comprehensive support services for recovering students. Housed within the Department of Health Education & Promotion, the CRC provides the programs and initiatives needed to enhance a student's recovery program. We embrace a wellness approach to recovery, choosing to focus on recovery enhancement as the best way to prevent relapse.

Online students will be able to access services available and participate online! Resources and assignments are available in Canvas, just like course work. Meetings and other supports will be streamed or added online after the campus event.

What is a Collegiate Recovery Community?

  • A safe haven for recovering students to escape the stress and pressures of campus life.
  • A place for accountability within a clean, sober, and healthy community.
  • A place to have fun, socialize, and develop friendships with like-minded students.
  • A chance to be of service to the community around you.
  • An opportunity for academic advising, tutoring, and support.
  • An opportunity to continue your higher education while also enhancing your recovery program.

Goals of the MSU Collegiate Recovery Community

  • To promote quality, sustainable recovery for students through comprehensive recovery support services.
  • Educate recovering students, Mississippi State University as a whole, and the community at large about the disease of addiction and effective methods for recovery.
  • Be of service to the University, state, and local community.
  • Help recovering students develop the resiliency required to be successful in their academic, professional, and social lives.
  • Contribute to research on addiction and the recovery process.
  • Work to change the social environment which stigmatizes those in recovery from drugs, alcohol, and all process addictions.


The Collegiate Recovery Community promotes courage, hope, and citizenship in order to support students in recovery from alcohol, drugs and all process addictions.


The Collegiate Recovery Community provides the all-inclusive college experience, helping students in recovery achieve success and excellence academically, professionally, and spiritually.