Financial Matters

In-state tuition for everyone?

That’s right. It’s one of the main perks about choosing an online program at Mississippi State – whether you live in Mississippi or somewhere else!

Financial Aid

You have a desire to learn and improve your opportunities by getting a degree, but perhaps you just don’t have the funding for school right now. Financial aid is available if you qualify. The video below will explain how to apply.

To learn more about financial aid at Mississippi State University, visit the universities' Student Financial Aid website.

To complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, visit the FAFSA website.


Mississippi State has a wide variety of undergraduate scholarships available. Scholarships may be based on academic performance, need or service. To find out if one is the right fit for you, visit the Office of Admissions and Scholarships website.

Our Scholarships page will give you some information about opportunities set aside especially for online students.

Important! When applying for a scholarship, be sure to check the deadline. You don’t want to miss out just because of that.

There is also assistance for graduate students. Check out the opportunities at the Graduate School website.

Senior Citizens in Mississippi

If you’re a Mississippi resident over 60 years of age, your tuition may be waived.The senior citizen tuition waiver will provide more information. You may also e-mail Mary Kathryn Morrow at to to get the needed forms.

MSU Employees

MSU employees may receive tuition remission for online courses. Read the MSU Employee Remission Policy for more details.

Tuition & Fees

To find the current tuition and fees associated with each class:

  1. Visit the Master Class Schedule.
    • Select the following from the dropdown menu:
    • Term: semester of interest
    • Part of Term: All Parts of Term
    • Campus: Online Education
    • Level: appropriate level
    • Subject: subject of interest
  2. Click “View Classes”
  3. Select the course (example: Click on ACC 2013).
    Screenshot of an arrow pointing to a link for the course
  4. Click on the Section Fees button.
    Screenshot of arrows pointing to the cost and fees associated with the class

If all of this is a bit overwhelming, feel free to contact your Coordinator.