Elective Options

The MSU Online MSIS requires 12-15 hours of electives on your program of study. Students who already have six (6) or more hours of programming may take 15 hours of electives. Students with only 3 hours of programming are required to take an additional 3 hours of graduate level programming and 12 hours of electives. Electives can be selected from MBA courses or other business courses.

The following courses have been previously approved for use as electives.

College of Business Electives

ACC 8213 Fin & Acc Rpt Analysis
(Prerequisite: ACC 2203 or equivalent) Three hours lecture. Analysis of financial statements and internal accounting reports to help management make decisions.

MGT 8103 Strategic Entrepreneurial Management
Three hours lecture. This course focuses on how organizations create sustained competitive advantages through environmental scanning, strategic thinking, strategic communication and a commitment to action.

MGT 8113 Leadership Skills
Three hours lecture. Survey of major behavioral skills used by managers to help them understand and influence behavior in an organizational setting.

BIS 6113 Security Management
Concepts, skills, tools, and analytical techniques involved in management of computer security as it applies to today's business environment.

BIS 6523 Business Programming with COBOL
In-depth concepts and experience in business-oriented computer programming. File input/output, sequential, indexed sequential, and relative files.

BL 6243 Entrepreneur Law
(Prerequisite: BL 2413, MGT 3323, or consent of instructor) Three hours lecture. Business creation including legal aspects from permits and taxes to structure and sale with emphasis on Mississippi Law.

BL 6333 Real Estate Law
(Prerequisite: BL 2413 or BL 8112 or consent of instructor) Three hours lecture. The legal principles applicable to real estate, including types of ownership and interests, mortgages, restrictions, and regulations. (Same as REF 4333/6333)

BL 8113 Law, Ethics, Dispute Resolution
Three hours lecture. Legal and ethical issues faced by the business firm with emphasis on prevention and resolution of disputes, including mediation, negotiation and alternative dispute resolution.

MKT 6143 Sales Management
(Prerequisite: MKT 3013 and MGT 3113 or Survey of Management) Three hours. Application of scientific management to the selling and distribution of consumer and industrial goods.

MKT 8213 Supply Chain & Operations Management
Study of how operations and logistics, both within and between firms in a supply chain contribute to creating customer value propositions, and achieving competitive advantage.

MKT 6423 Strategic Brand Management
This course explores the concepts of brands, brand equity, and strategic brand management, providing practical insights for building brands and enhancing profitability of existing brands.

MKT 8153 Strategic Marketing Management
Three hours. Market strategic analysis, research and planning necessary to effectively match marketing strategies with changing macro, micro, and organizational environments.

FIN 8113 Corporate Finance
(Prerequisite: Graduate Standing and FIN 3123 or equivalent) Three hours lecture. An examination of the interaction between financial accounting, cash flow estimation, capital budgeting, risk and return, capital structure, and working capital management.

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