Registration Assistance - The Registration Assistance Form should be completed by students who have tried to register in Banner and were unsuccessful. This work should be completed and email to Ms. Angella Baker.

Campus/Concentration Change - This form should be completed by students who are wanting to change their concentration. For example, students enrolled in the MBA program who now want to pursue the MBA-Project Management concentration, or vice versa.

Course Retake Form - This should be completed by those students who would like to retake a course.

Proctor Request Form (Needed Only for Exams Requiring A Proctor) - Students must submit this Proctor Request Form to the Center for Distance Education for approval at least two weeks prior to the exam date or as otherwise stated on your syllabus.

All proctors must fit the guidelines of this form and provide a professional e-mail account and physical work address to verify his/her title. If a proctor opts to charge a proctoring fee, the fee is the responsibility of the student, not MSU. If the proctor is unable to fulfill the required duties, it is his/her responsibility to notify both the student and the Center for Distance Education immediately. Then it is the student's responsibility to find another qualified proctor in their location. If the student cannot find a proctor to fit the guidelines then contact Gail Miller (662.325.2677) at the Center for Distance Education

Intent to Graduate - Prior to registering for your last semester, review your program of study with the Distance MBA academic advisor for last names A - K Elissa Landers or Ms. Angelia Knight for last names S - Z to make sure that you have completed all your prerequisites and core requirements. Start this process by sending her the Notification of Intent to Apply for Graduation.

Other Grad Forms