Program Structure

A student must have acquired a minimum of 33 hours in order to graduate in both the thesis and non-thesis options. For a complete listing of courses offered each semester online:

  1. Visit the Class Schedule
  2. Select the term, choose "Online Education" as your campus, "FNH" as your subject, and "Graduate" as your level
  3. Click on "Display Classes" at the bottom

Research Methods (9-12 hours)

  • FNH 8563 Principles of Epidemiology and Health Science Research2
  • KI 8313 Interpretation of Data in Kinesiology (or approved transfer course) OR EPY 6214 Educational and Psychological Statistics
  • FNH 8673 Applied Projects for CHES (3 hours) OR FNH 8000 Research/Thesis (6 hours)

Core Courses (15 hours)

  • FNH 8513 Theory and Practice of Health Education2
  • FNH 8523 Health Promotion Techniques
  • FNH 8553 Behavioral Epidemiology
  • FNH 8613 Design and Administration of Health Promotion Programs1
  • FNH 8653 Implementation and Evaluation of Health Promotion Programs1

Electives (6 - 9 hours)

  • FNH 6253 Nutritional Biochemistry of Foods
  • FNH 6373 Career Skills in Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion
  • FNH 6393 Prevention and Control of Disease
  • FNH 6773 Intro to Environmental Health
  • FNH 6783 School and Community Drug Use Prevention
  • FNH 8193 Problems in Health Education
  • FNH 8543 Health Education for Diverse Populations
  • FNH 8623 Current Issues in School Health

Other electives may be taken as approved by advisor.

1 FNH 8613 is a prerequisite for FNH 8653
2 These courses should be the first two classes taken. If these are not available in your first semester, please contact your advisor for alternatives.