Course Descriptions

Required Courses:
Community College Leadership
(Minimum of 18 Credit Hours)

CCL 8113 History and Philosophy of the Community College
Three hours lecture. Objectives of the community college, philosophical/historical bases, changing roles, issues in higher education/workforce development/economic industry.

CCL 8133 Leadership Theory and Practice in the Community College
Three hours lecture. In-depth analysis of leadership theory and practice in the community college environment, including an overview of leadership, approaches, theories, and ethics.

CCL 8143 Program Planning and Development
In-depth analysis of workforce education including the mission, the knowledge base, planning and developing programs, and delivering programs.

CCL 8153 Human Resources Administration
Examines the role of the human resources administrator on workforce education leadership; key administrative functions, workforce development, benefits and compensation, and employee relations are analyzed.

CCL 8173 Community College Teaching
Comprehensive preparation for teaching at the community college: teaching strategies centered on outcomes and experiential learning, assessment of learning, and job related responsibilities.

CCL 8343 Community Development and Resources
In-depth analysis of community environment in which community colleges serve, including strategic planning, asset mapping, project development, resources and grant writing, and project evaluation.

Interdisciplinary Courses
(Minimum of 6 Credit Hours)

Any two TECH courses at the 6000 level or above (6 credit hours)

Required Research and Statistics Course
(Minimum of 3 Credit Hours)

EDF 8363 Functions and Methods of Research in Education
Three hours lecture. The function of research in the development and conduct of the educational program; research methods and techniques in education and the contributions of research to public education; rules and principles governing evidence and conclusions.

Other Required Course
(Minimum of 3 Credit Hours)

CCL 8193 Issues in Community College and Workforce Leadership
Three hours seminar. A study of the current issues in community college leadership and workforce education. Designed for students in the community college leadership program.