Trainee Selection

Trainees must understand that this is a time-intensive course. Upon acceptance into the program, trainees acknowledge and agree to complete the courses as directed. Trainees must have daily access to a computer in order to complete their assignments.

Candidate and RSA Stipend election criteria include:

  1. Current employment as a vocational rehabilitation counselor or therapist in an agency serving persons who are blind or visually impaired,OR current enrollment in a vocational rehabilitation counseling master’s degree program.
  2. Willingness to sign an agreement to be employed in a public rehabilitation agency for the required time period.
  3. Completion of an introductory course in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling OR at least one year of experience in vocational rehabilitation counseling.
  4. Ability to complete all four courses during one continuous time period.

Applications will be reviewed with the Project Advisory Committee who will make recommendations for selection into the program and for RSA stipends which cover all costs. Final selection will be made by project staff. Individuals who meet acceptance criteria, but are not initially selected to receive a stipend, will be placed on a ranked waiting list and will serve as substitutes in the event that one or more selected trainees are unable to participate.

If selected, those currently employed will be asked to get a letter of trainee support to be signed by their supervisor or agency director. Support includes time for completing projects and assignments, time off for the on-campus components, access to on-line materials, opportunities to do field assignments, and computer support as needed. Again, it is critical that students have daily access to a computer to be successful in the program.