The Veterans' Certificate Program is offered at the undergraduate and graduate level and consists of 15 semester hours of coursework (3 hours prerequisite, 12 hours required core courses).

Prerequisite 03
Veterans Administration Core 12
Total 15

Curriculum Prerequisite Course

TECH 3133 Administrative Management and Procedures
Three hours lecture. Principles and practices of effective administrative management and procedures. Planning/directing workplace activities, systems and technology; selecting/training employees; developing professional leadership and communication skills.

Note: This course may be taken at any time in the program

Required Courses

TECH 4403/6403 Strategies for Campus Transition and Success for Veterans
Three hours lecture. This course will examine issues that veterans may experience as it relates to campus transition, academic success, psycho-social adjustment, and the role of various entities. (Prerequisite: TKB 3133).

TECH 4413/6413 Veterans' Benefits and Certification-Policies and Procedures
Three hours lecture. This course will provide an in-depth examination of all veteran educational benefits, certification policies and procedures, and school certifying officials' responsibilities.

TECH 4423/6423 History of Administration of Veterans' Benefits
Three hours lecture. This course is a historical survey of legislative and organizational developments of the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) from 1776 to present day.

TECH 4433/6433 The Development of Veterans' Benefits, Laws, and Policies
Three hours lecture. This course will examine the origins of and factors that shaped the current Montgomery GI Bill educational assistance program and its implementation.

Upon completion of the courses in the Veterans' Certificate program, unclassified graduate students and undergraduate non-degree seeking students will receive their certificates. All other students will receive their certificates upon completion of their graduate or undergraduate degrees.