Admissions Process

To apply for a Master's degree program in secondary education at MSU, you must first have a teaching license in your chosen area of study.

How to Apply

  1. Apply Online on the Office of the Graduate School website.
  2. Submit the following with your online application:
    • A statement of purpose describing your interest in the degree program and career goals.
    • Email contact info for three references. They will be asked to submit electronic letters of reference.
  3. Have sent to MSU:
    • GRE scores
    • Official transcripts from all institutions attended

Required Materials

Required Materials for Graduate Applications in Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education:

  • Online application
  • GRE scores
    • GRE scores are a key indicator of potential for success in the secondary Master's program. Applicants with lower and/or older (7-10 years or more) GRE scores should ask the Graduate Coordinator to review and make a recommendation about retaking the GRE.
  • Three letters of recommendation from educators, professors and/or former employers
  • Statement of purpose (including years of teaching experience)
  • Official transcript from each university attended
  • Copy of teaching certificate or verification of eligibility for licensure


Once enrolled in graduate study, a student who fails to meet the continuous enrollment requirement must complete an Application for Readmission to register for classes. Continuous enrollment is defined as enrollment in two of three semester terms (Fall, Spring, or Summer) with Fall enrollment required. Students who have not been enrolled for a period of three years or longer and are in good academic standing, are eligible to reapply to through the Lapsed Student Program. Readmission is not guaranteed and must be approved by the Department Head, Academic Dean, and Dean of the Graduate School. Interested students or academic departments should contact the Graduate School for more information.