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The field of sustainable bioproducts is concerned with extending one’s knowledge of wood as a material and applying this knowledge to the manufacture of useful products. It requires knowledge of the chemical, physical, botanical and engineering sciences and how they impinge on wood. The Department of Sustainable Bioproducts promotes the responsible use of our planet's abundant renewable resources by developing, innovating and improving bio-based products, materials and energy for the economic and environmental benefit of all people.

Program highlights:

  • This program offers 6 major areas of studying including Building Materials & Composites, Wood Products Testing & Standards, Deterioration & Preservation of Wood Products, Biofuels, Chemicals & Energy, Bioproducts & the Environment, and Forensic Wood Identification
  • The courses for this online program are taught by the same faculty that teach the on-campus program.
What are some potential careers?

Career options may include systems programmer, environmental engineer, Extension specialist, plant manager, plant superintendent, product development, research technician, and wood materials scientist.

Who should pursue this degree?

An online non-thesis master’s degree program provides greater flexibility for not only traditional students, but also those starting professional careers or those already employed who wish to continue pursuing a graduate degree. Academic experiences add to resumes increasing the marketability of professionals. Often employers view the pursuit of higher education as a true sign of an individual’s motivation to continue to learn and even justification for promotion.

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