Course Descriptions

Community College Leadership Program of Study
(Minimum of 27 Credit Hours)

CCL 8113 History and Philosophy of the Community College
Three hours lecture. Objectives of the community college, philosophical/historical bases, changing roles, issues in higher education/workforce development/economic industry.

CCL 8123 Community College Finance and Budgeting
Three hours lecture. Analyzes tools, methods, problems in community college financial management, revenue sources, budget preparation, risk management, purchasing, employee compensation.

CCL 8233 Community College Legal Issues
Three hours lecture. In-depth analysis of the legal/policy issues pertaining to students, faculty, and administrators of community colleges.

CCL 8283 Leadership in Community College Administration
Three hours lecture. Nature and types of leadership and foundation theories. Uses of theory in administrative problem solving by applying models to community college mission, organization, and academe.

CCL 8333 Community College Administration
Three hours lecture. In-depth analysis of community college governance, structure, functions, and its relationship with external groups, state government.

CCL 8353 Applications of Organizational Theory and Behavior in Community College Leadership
Three hours lecture. Nature and types of community college leadership and foundation theories for understanding and managing modern organizations in relation to community college mission, organization, and academe.

HED 8673 Planning and Instit Research in Higher Ed
Three hours lecture. An overview of planning models and approaches, effective reporting techniques, and common functions carried out by institutional research offices. Focus is on concepts, methodologies, research practices, and information systems that support institutional decision-making for improvements.

CCL 8153 Human Resources
Examines the role of the human resources administrator on workforce education leadership; key administrative functions, workforce development, benefits and compensation, and employee relations are analyzed.

CCL 8343 Community Development and Resources
In-depth analysis of community environment in which community colleges serve, including strategic planning, asset mapping, project development, resources and grant writing, and project evaluation.

Research Courses
(Minimum of 14 Credit Hours)

EDF 9373 Educational Research Design
(Prerequisites: EDF 8363 and EPY 8214 or equivalents; consent of instructor). Three hours lecture. A study of various designs of research and preparation of research proposals.

EDF 9453 Introduction to Qualitative Research
(Prerequisites: EPY 8214, EDF 9373). Three hours lecture. Introduction to qualitative research, including theoretical considerations and applied methods, techniques, and analysis of field-based educational research.

EPY 6214 Educational & Psychological Statistics
Three hours lecture and three hours laboratory. A course in statistics for education and educational psychology majors. Analysis, description of and inference from various types of data.

EPY 8214 Advanced Educational & Psychological Statistics
(Prerequisite: EPY 4214/6214 or its equivalent.) Three hours lecture and three hours laboratory. A survey of advanced statistical methods with emphasis upon the design and analysis of research problems in education and psychology.

Dissertation Research
(Minimum of 20 Credit Hours)

CCL 9000 Dissertation Research (20 Credit Hours)
Dissertation hours must not be taken until successful completion of the Doctoral Written and Oral Preliminary exam.