Master’s Graduate Committee

Committee Composition

  • For a master's degree committee, a minimum of three members are required and they must hold either a Level 1 or Level 2 Graduate Faculty appointment. One member may be a minor professor, if the student has a minor program.
  • The major professor is chair of the committee, must hold Level 1 or Level 2 Graduate Faculty status, and must be from the student's major department/program.
  • A limited number of Non-Graduate Faculty members may serve on a committee. Non-Graduate Faculty members are expected to have a graduate degree or commensurate expertise in the field of study. The decision regarding the qualifications of a Non-Graduate Faculty member to serve on a master's degree committee will be determined by the department/college.
  • In all cases where the committee consists of numbers above the minimum, greater than 50% of the committee members must hold Graduate Faculty status.
  • Non-Graduate Faculty committee members cannot serve as a major professor or committee chair.
  • Non-Graduate Faculty committee members can serve as a co-thesis director of the research along with a Level 1 or Level 2 member of the Graduate Faculty for students in a thesis-option program. If this occurs, it is expected that the Non-Graduate Faculty committee member will have education and research expertise commensurate with Level 1 or Level 2 Graduate Faculty.
  • The Committee Request form is submitted to the Graduate School.

Students in non-thesis programs with no variation in program of study and/or with standardized examinations are not required to have committees.

Committee Changes

When the committee composition changes, the student submits a Change of Committee form to the Graduate School reporting the changes. If, subsequent to the administration of the final or oral/written comprehensive examination, a student's request to remove a member of the graduate committee is not met with the approval (signature) of that member, the student must submit to the Dean of the Graduate School a written request containing suitable justification for removal of the committee member. The Dean will then decide if removal is necessary and accordingly inform the student, the committee member, the major professor, and the Graduate Coordinator.