Program Structure

Master of Science in General Biology courses are offered only during the semester under which they are listed. Fall admission is preferred; however, Spring and Summer applicants will be considered.

Admission Deadlines:
Fall - August 1
Spring - December 1
Summer - May 15

Check the Academic Calendar for information regarding class start and end dates.

First Year

BIO 6013
Genetics & Molecular Biology
BIO 6023
Principles of Evolutionary Biology
BIO 6033
Fundamentals of Biotechnology
BIO 8023
Modern Microbiology
BIO 8033
Advanced Cell Biology
BIO 8043
Ecology & the Environment

Second Year

BIO 6043
Developmental & Reproductive Biology
BIO 8063
Comprehensive Study of Plants
BIO 8183
Capstone in Modern Biology
BIO 8053
Comprehensive Study of Animals
BIO 8093
Experimental Biology & Biostatistics

A student may enroll in selected courses or complete the entire program for a Master of Science degree in General Biology. The M.S. degree requires 33 semester hours and can be earned in 2 years.

The Master of Science in General Biology program consists of 11 three-credit-hour courses. All courses are offered on the semester system. The Fall semester is from early August to early December. The Spring semester is from early January to early May, and the Summer semester is from early June to early August.