Course Descriptions

BIS 6113 Business Information Systems Security Management: 3 hours.

(Prerequisite: BIS 3233 or any 3 hours of computer-related coursework). Three hours lecture. Concepts, skills, tools, and analytical techniques involved in management of computer security as it applies to today's business environment

CSE 6173 Cryptography: 3 hours.

(Prerequisite: CSE 2383 Data Structures and Algorithms). Three hours lecture. Discrete probability, Information theory, Symmetric Cryptography, Introductory Number Theory, Asymmetric Cryptography, Standard Cryptographic Primitives, Cryptographic Protocols

CSE 6243 Information and Computer Security: 3 hours.

(Prerequisite: Credit in CSE 3183). Three hours lecture. Topics include encryption systems, network security, electronic commerce, systems threats, and risk avoidance procedures

CSE 6273 Introduction to Computer Forensics: 3 hours.

(Prerequisite: Senior standing in CSE/SE/CPE/MIS/CJ) Three hours lecture. Introduction to computer crime and the study of evidence for solving computer-based crimes. Topics: computer crime, computer forensics and methods for handling evidence

CSE 6363 Software Reverse Engineering: 3 hours.

(Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in CSE 3183). Three hours lecture. Software specification recovery and malicious software analysis. Tools and techniques for analyzing compiled programs and communications in the absence of documentation

CSE 6383 Network Security: 3 hours.

(Prerequisites: CSE 4173/6173 Cryptography; and credit or registration in CSE 4153/6153). Three hours lecture. Basic and advanced concepts in cryptography and network security: symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, key management, wired and wireless network security protocols, network systems security

CSE 8011 Graduate Seminar: 1 hour.

One-hour seminar. Reports on recent advances and problems in computer science by guest speakers, faculty, and students, student participation, general discussion

CSE 8753 Wireless Networks: 3 hours.

Three hours lecture. Wireless network protocol design, theoretical analysis, and security and privacy. (Same as ECE 8823)

ECE 8823 Wireless Networks: 3 hours.

(Prerequisite: ECE 4813/6813 Communications Theory or equivalent). Three hours lecture. Wireless network protocol design, theoretical analysis, and security and privacy. (Same as CSE 8753)