Textbooks & Course Materials

It is required of all students enrolling in a MSU Online Education program to have Internet access and email capability.

Many courses require the purchase of textbooks. You may order these online from Barnes & Noble Bookstore. Some instructors may require additional materials to be purchased, always check your course syllabus.

All materials such as exercise assignments, study guides, and exams will be delivered via the Internet using Canvas. Canvas is a software program designed specifically for online learning.

To learn how to order your textbooks watch this short video:

If you do not see your textbook and it is within two weeks of the start of class, contact your advisor for assistance.

Contact your professor for assistance if you do not see your textbook.

For classes taught online by Meridian campus faculty, order textbooks online at Mississippi State University - Meridian Campus Official Bookstore.
All Meridian courses are noted on the Available Courses pages.