Dropping a MBA Course

Classified MBA students can drop classes online using myState as long as they do so before the add/drop deadlines found on the Academic Calendar. Follow these instructions to add or drop classes:

  1. Login to myState
  2. Select the Banner tab from the top left row of options
  3. Under the Registration Menu, click the first option, Register for Classes
  4. From the Registration Term drop down list, select a term and click the Submit Term Button
  5. You should see the screen for adding and dropping classes
    • To drop a class, go into the add/drop class section and click on the "drop class" option next to the courses on your schedule. By clicking on the appropriate buttons, you may also search for open classes or view your schedule
  6. If you are unable to drop your MBA course online, please contact Elissa Landers at elanders@msstate.edu to assist you
  7. You may print your schedule by selecting the print button at the top of the page when your schedule is displayed on the screen. Be sure to change the print orientation to landscape


Students cannot drop all classes without withdrawing from the university. To drop all classes and withdraw:

  1. Login to myState
  2. Select the Banner tab
  3. Select the Registration menu
  4. Select Withdraw Request

Your request will be routed for electronic approval. The effective date is the date that you submit the online request.

Withdrawal Schedule