What's Next?

You’ve obtained your bachelor’s degree in an area other than education, but now you have a desire to teach secondary school. The MATS program is designed especially for people like you who are seeking an initial teaching license in secondary education. The 30-hour degree can be completed entirely online from virtually anywhere in the state of Mississippi or beyond. You will be able to earn initial licensure and then teach full time while completing the degree.

Through the program students will be eligible to receive a:

  • 3 year Class A non-renewable license after admission to the MATS program and successful completion of EDS 8243 and EPY 8473
  • 5 year Class A renewable license after receiving a 3 year Class A non-renewable license and completing EDS 8886
  • 5 year Class AA renewable license after completion of the MATS degree program (coursework and comprehensive examination)
What are some potential careers?

This degree is designed for individuals who would like to teach in middle and/or high school settings.

Who should pursue this degree?

Individuals who have bachelor’s degrees in fields other than education but feel a desire to change career paths to that of teaching should consider this degree.

“Mississippi State’s Online Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary Education program provided me with a way to continue working to provide for my family and fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a teacher.”

Michael Lee James, Corinth, MS

Good ACT score? A composite score of 21 on the ACT exempts you from having to take the CORE exam.

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We are no longer able to place students in Georgia for internships. Residents living in Georgia will not be eligible for licensure.

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