Admissions Process

If you have never attended Mississippi State University, you are required to complete a Classified Graduate Admissions Application and submit the appropriate documentation. Please visit the Office of the Graduate School for detailed admissions requirements. Please contact the academic department for your specific major to obtain entrance exam requirements.

Once enrolled in graduate study, a student who fails to meet the continuous enrollment requirement must complete an Application for Readmission to register for classes. Continuous enrollment is defined as enrollment in two of three semester terms (Fall, Spring, or Summer) with Fall enrollment required. Students who have not been enrolled for a period of three years or longer and are in good academic standing, are eligible to reapply to through the Lapsed Student Program. Readmission is not guaranteed and must be approved by the Department Head, Academic Dean, and Dean of the Graduate School. Interested students or academic departments should contact the Graduate School for more information.

Unclassified Graduate Admission is available to Distance students desiring graduate level study for purposes other than an advanced degree, such as teacher certification. Distance students admitted as unclassified status must remain unclassified for one semester before being admitted to a degree program.

Only nine hours of work received as an unclassified student may be transferred to a degree program; however, hours completed as an Unclassified Graduate may not be used to satisfy provisional admission to a program of study. Departmental approval is required for an unclassified student to enroll in any graduate level course.

You are required to complete an Unclassified Admissions Application form and submit one official transcript from the institution which granted your undergraduate degree. Please note that as an Unclassified Student you should select the "Graduate School - Unclassified" as the college choice.

Mail transcripts to:

Office of the Graduate School
P. O. Box G
Mississippi State, MS 39762