Course Descriptions

Agricultural Economics

AEC 6113 Agribusiness Firm Management
Three hours online. Examination and study of the organization, management, and operation of agricultural business with special reference to the application of managerial principles for effective decision-making.

AEC 6213 Ag Finance I
Three hours online. Farm financial structure analysis; capital budgeting and long-term decision making; financial markets for agriculture; farm entry, growth, and transfer.

AEC 6223 Applied Quantitative Analysis in Agricultural Economics
Three hours online. Emphasizes the intuitive understanding and practical application of basic quantitative, statistical, econometric, and optimization techniques as they relate to problem solving in agricultural economics.

AEC 6623 Global Marketing of Agricultural Products
Three hours online. Marketing concepts, decisions and strategies that are involved in international marketing and trade of agricultural products. Export market analysis and planning, as well as issues that impact international agricultural trade.

AEC 6530 Agribusiness Management Internship
Individual work experience with approved agribusiness companies for environmental economics and management students or agribusiness students.

Business Administration

ACC 8213 Financial Statement and Management Accounting Report Analysis for Decision Making
Three hours lecture. Analysis of financial statements and internal accounting reports to help management make decisions.

BL 8113 Law, Business, Ethics, and Dispute Resolution
Three hours lecture. Legal and ethical issues faced by the business firm with emphasis on prevention and resolution of disputes, including mediation, negotiation and alternative dispute resolution.

FIN 8113 Corporate Finance
Three hours lecture. An examination of the interaction between financial accounting, cash flow estimation, capital budgeting, risk and return, capital structure, and working capital management.

MGT 8113 Leadership Skills for Managerial Behavior
Three hours lecture. Survey of major behavioral skills used by managers to help them understand and influence behavior in an organizational setting.

MKT 8153 Strategic Marketing Management
Three hours. Market strategic analysis, research and planning necessary to effectively match marketing strategies with changing macro, micro, and organizational environments.