Course Descriptions

MA 1713 Calculus I
(Prerequisite: ACT Math subscore 26, or grade of C or better in 1323 or 1453) Three hours lecture. Analytic geometry; functions; limits; continuity; derivatives of algebraic functions; applications of the derivative. Honors section available.

MA 1723 Calculus II
(Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in MA 1713) Three hours lecture. Antidifferentiation; the definite integral; applications of the definite integral; differentiation and integration of transcendental functions. Honors section available.

MA 2733 Calculus III
(Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in MA 1723) Three hours lecture. Further methods of integration; polar coordinates; vectors; infinite series. Honors section available.

MA 2743 Calculus IV
(Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in MA 2733) Three hours lecture. Differential calculus of functions of several variables; multiple integration; vector calculus. Honors section available.

IE 3123 Industrial Ergonomics
(Undergraduate Students co-requisites: IE 4613 and IE 3121; Graduate Student co-requisite: IE 4613/6613) Three hours lecture. Analysis of work tasks; ergonomic design principles for manual work design, workplace design, and work environment design; work measurements; and design of wage payment plans.

IE 3913 Engr Economy I
(Prerequisite: MA 1713) Three hours lecture. Principles of evaluating alternative engineering proposals. Economic measures of effectiveness, costs and cost estimates, basic comparative models, break even and replacement analysis.

IE 4333 Prod Control Sys I
(Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in IE 4613) Three hours lecture. Principles, analysis, and design of production and inventory planning and control. Demand for forecasting, aggregated planning, inventory management, production scheduling and control systems.

IE 4613/6613 Eng Statistics I
(Prerequisite: MA 1723) Three hours lecture. Introduction to statistical analysis. Topics include: probability, probability distributions, data analysis, parameter estimation, statistical intervals, and statistical inferences.

IE 6513 Engineering Administration
(Prerequisite: Junior or graduate standing in engineering) Three hours lecture. Study of problems confronting the engineering manager. Includes: Organization and communication theory, internal and external relationships and responsibilities, and designing and implementing managerial systems.

IE 6533 Project Management
(Prerequisites: Grade of C or better in IE 4613) Three hours lecture. Use of CPM, PERT, and GERT for planning, managing and controlling projects. Computer procedures for complex networks.

IE 6553 Industrial Quality Control
(Prerequisite: Senior standing in engineering) Three hours lecture. The engineer and his relations to the law, to the public, and the ethics of his profession. Includes contracts, patents, copyrights, sales agreements, engineering specifications.

IE 6573 Process Improvement Engineering
Three hours lecture. Introduction to quality and productivity improvement methodologies and tools. The design and implementation of continuous improvement systems in organizations.

IE 6623 Engineering Statistics II
(Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in IE 4613) Three hours lecture. Continuation of IE 4613/6613. Introduction to engineering applications of regression, experimental design and analysis, and nonparametric methods.

IE 6733 Systems Simulation I
(Prerequisites: MA 3113) Three hours lecture. Theory and application of linear programming; simplex algorithm, revised simplex algorithm, duality and sensitivity analysis, transportation and assignment problems algorithms, integer and goal programming. (Same as MA 4733/6733).

IE 6773 Systems Simulation
(Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in IE 4934 or equivalent programming course, Co-requisite: IE 4623) Three hours lecture. The principles of simulating stochastic systems with an emphasis on the statistics of simulation and the use of discrete-event simulation languages.

IE 8000
Hours and credits to be arranged.

IE 8333 Production Control Systems II
(Prerequisites: IE 4333) Three hours lecture. Inventory systems, static and dynamic production planning, operations scheduling and forecasting systems.

IE 8353 Manufacturing Systems Modeling
(Prerequisites: IE 4733 and IE 4773) Three hours lecture. A study of models used to describe and analyze manufacturing systems. Development of models using queuing networks, mathematical programming, simulation, and other techniques.

IE 8583 Enterprise Systems Engineering
(Prerequisite: Consent of instructor) Three hours lecture. Focuses on the design and improvement of an enterprise through the use of engineering tools and methods, based on the systems perspective of industrial engineering.

IE 8913 Engineering Economy II
(Prerequisites: IE 3913 and IE 4613) Three hours lecture. Advanced principles and methods for engineering analysis of industrial problems. Topics include criteria for decisions, project investment and analysis, and elements of risk and uncertainty.