Career Opportunities

"But what can I do with an undergraduate history degree?" Anything! Graduates from our major enjoy a wide variety of career opportunities. Of course, it's a great start for a teaching career in history or social studies, and it's the perfect option for students looking to work in library and archival fields, public history, or museums and historical preservation. We place many of our majors in graduate programs in history or education or pursue degrees in library science or archival studies.

But the perspective you will gain, and the critical thinking, research and writing skills you will learn as a history major are useful in many other endeavors as well. MSU history majors routinely go on to law school, or careers in public policy, or work in religious or counseling careers. We also have students who are entrepreneurs, who have worked in federal law enforcement, or become physicians.

What they all have in common is that they've benefited from the core skills that the study of history helps develop: how to think critically and analytically, how to make sense of complicated situations, and how to communicate ideas in writing.