Distance Makes a Difference Scholarship Fund

Your Support Helps Make the Dream a Reality!

Mississippi State Online has created a scholarship fund specifically for our online students, entitled Distance Makes A Difference.

We’ve seen how hard it can be for our online students to balance work, family and financial responsibilities while pursuing their dream of obtaining a degree. For many students, financial awards to help offset costs are vital to their success.

How can you Be the Difference for our online students? Make a gift. Your gift, in any amount, can make a big impact in the lives of our students. Remember, 100% of your gift goes to scholarships!

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We appreciate your support of online education at Mississippi State University. Read more about our scholarship recipients and how your support has made a difference in their educational journey!

2019 Scholarship Recipients

Picture of Tonwanda Keeton

Tonawanda Keeton - Sumrall, MS

Interdisciplinary Studies

“The financial help was appreciated and was a tremendous help to me. The online program gives those like me and other non-traditional students the opportunity to fulfill the dream of becoming a Mississippi State graduate.”

Picture of Lindsay Walker

Lindsay Walker - Olive Branch, MS

Elementary Education with a concentration in Middle School

“Thank you so very much for this scholarship. It is a tremendous help for my family and a big stress relief. It helps me to focus on schoolwork and graduating instead of having to worry about finances. It’s a huge honor to receive it and one I truly appreciate.”

Picture of Chase Watkins

Chase Watkins - Crystal Springs, MS


“I am so thankful that online education exists and that there are scholarships out there that will help me continue my education, like the Distance Makes a Difference scholarship provided by Mississippi State Online. This scholarship will help me get one step closer to helping those who suffer and need help."

2018 Scholarship Recipients

Picture of Jinna Alston

Jinna Alston - Rose Hill, MS

Elementary Education with a Concentration in Middle School

“Our finances were tight, so my husband and I had decided I would have to skip a semester. With the scholarship, I knew I wouldn't have to do that. I would be able to continue without interruption and graduate as planned."

Picture of Heather Hefner

Heather Hefner - Myrtle, MS

Elementary Education with a Concentration in Middle School

"My goal has always been to do all I could to inspire students to be the best they can be. To motivate them to understand that they are capable of meeting any goal they set their mind to achieving. (Now) I will soon be a teacher with my own classroom!"

Picture of Drew Simmons

Drew Simmons - Ladson, SC

MBA - Project Management

"I believe this degree will make a significant difference in my ability to become an accomplished project manager in the civilian sector. I am honored, and I truly appreciate receiving this scholarship. With two children in school and me working on my master's degree, the scholarship is a tremendous help."

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Picture of Bret Alexander

Bret Alexander - Buda, TX

Geosciences with a concentration in Applied Meteorology

"My experience with the online geosciences degree programs at MSU has given me greater confidence while working with colleagues in my field and being chosen to receive this scholarship is certainly a confidence booster, too! Now, as new opportunities come my way, I will be saying to myself, 'You got this!'"

Picture of Erica McRae

Erica McRae - Las Vegas, NV

Elementary Education with a concentration in Middle School

"I truly appreciate receiving this scholarship and see it as an investment in me by MSU alumni and friends. I will do everything I can to prove I am worthy of this investment as I complete my degree, begin my life as a teacher and continue as an ambassador for Mississippi State."

Picture of LaShae Pritchett

LaShae Pritchett - Greenwood Springs, MS

Elementary Education with a concentration in Middle School

"I truly appreciate receiving this scholarship and feel honored to be chosen. It allowed me to meet my financial requirements during my last semester. Many, like me, think they cannot support themselves and their children financially while pursuing their degree. I wanted to be proof that it is possible.”