Year 1

Fall, Spring, & Summer
Concentrate on course work. Try to complete required courses as they are offered so your graduation won't be delayed if you are unable to take them later.

Year 2

Fall Semester
This is the best semester to enroll in GR 8553-Research Methods. In this class, you will develop a research proposal. (You will have one more chance in the spring if you haven't taken it by this point). This proposal should be on a topic in which you are interested in researching and the research should be able to be completed within a few months. The research project you propose during this semester will be conducted and completed during your second year of course work.

We will assign each student a Geoscience faculty member as your research project advisor.

During your second fall semester, we will also conduct an interest survey to determine which summer field courses to offer. If you plan to take GR 8410 Field Methods Seminar, watch for and submit this survey. You will actually sign up for field courses at a later date.

Spring Semester
Continue working on the research project. You should collect and properly organize all data for your project during this semester.

Watch for information regarding comps, the summer capstone workshop for GR 8573 Research in Applied Meteorology and field course sign-up. This information will typically come out in February.

If you are graduating in the summer semester, submit the Pre-Audit Form for Graduation.

Summer Semester
During your final summer semester, you will enroll in the capstone course. This can be either GR 8573-Research in Applied Meteorology, or GR 8410 Field Methods Seminar.

You will most likely take the Comprehensive Exam. MSU requires that students must be within 6 hours of graduating or in the final semester to take the comprehensive exam. You must also have a 3.0 GPA, so this semester is approximate.

Important Notes for Students Taking Only 1 Course per Semester:

You will need to complete GR 8553 – Research Methods in Geosciences before beginning your research project. It is best taken during the fall before you plan to complete the capstone.

GR 8573 – Research in Applied Meteorology or GR 8410 Field Methods Seminar should be taken during your final summer semester.