Comprehensive Exam

The comprehensive exam is a proctored, essay style exam that covers material learned in the required courses, and a subset of the electives. You must pass the comprehensive exam in order to receive your degree.

Students that begin the program in the fall semester will most likely take the comprehensive exam early in the final summer semester. MSU requires that students be within 6 credit hours of graduating or in the final semester in order to take written comps. (You must also have a 3.0 GPA).

Students who do not begin the program in fall may need to take the exam in a different semester. The Department of Geosciences must have at least 2 weeks’ notice before you can schedule your exam. In most cases, we will provide you information in the spring about when the exam can be scheduled. Students taking the exam in other semesters should be aware of the 2-week notice requirement and plan accordingly.