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Does your job demand specific training in Broadcast and Operational Meteorology, yet you cannot return to college? If so, join over 350 others who have enrolled in the Broadcast and Operational Meteorology program via distance education.

The Broadcast and Operational Meteorology Program (BOMP) provides a student with a wide variety of meteorology courses. The program is designed for individuals working as broadcast meteorologists who need additional formal education in meteorology. While the vast majority of our BOMP students are television or radio weathercasters, we do have many others enrolled who are in other fields. Newspaper reporters, educators, military personnel, National Weather Service employees, and private sector meteorologists, as well as general hobbyists, are enrolled. While it is designed to complement weather training received in the military, military meteorological training is not a requirement for the program. This program is for anyone seeking to further develop skills in operational, applied meteorology.

New students must begin the program in the fall semester. A total of 124 credit hours are required for the B.S. degree. The 17 online meteorology courses (53 credit hours) can be completed in a three-year period following the scheduled program of study, which consists of two courses per semester. University requirements (approximately 72 credit hours) can be met with equivalent transfer courses from other accredited institutions or taken online through MSU.Español? Upon completion of the 124 credit hours, students will earn a Bachelor of Science in Geosciences with a concentration in Broadcast and Operational Meteorology.

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