Technical Assistance

Email Issues

If you are having issues and need assistance reaching your new Outlook email, please refer to this guide. If you need further assistance, please fill out the form below and please be sure to include a personal email for our ability to contact you.

For successful completion of the MSU Online Education program, we recommend that students have Internet access via DSL or equivalent broadband connectivity.

Traditional dial-up Internet services do not provide adequate support to the many technologies used within the program.

The following software and procedures are necessary for the courses to run smoothly. Please complete the following:

  1. Download and install Google Chrome Browser.
  2. Download the latest version of Acrobat Reader.
  3. Download VLC Media Player.
  4. Additionally, some instructors may require the purchase of specific technologies. Check the course syllabus for specific requirements.

NetPassword Reset Guide

Guide to Reset Your NetPassword

DUO (Two-Factor Authentication)

DUO is MSU's Two-Factor Authentication software that adds an extra layer of security into a person's MSU account. In response to ever increasing information security threats, ITS enabled two-factor authentication for logging into certain systems, such as Canvas. This extra layer of security helps prevent hackers from getting into a person's account. The second factor is something you have, typically your smartphone or tablet. Therefore, even if a hacker is able to get your NetID/NetPassword, he/she should not be able to login to your account because he/she does not have your second factor.

The following link is to the ITS Knowledge Base/guides to help you get DUO setup and running on your personal device.



Canvas is MSU's online learning management system (LMS) for teaching and learning. Developed by Utah-based educational technology company Instructure, Canvas is designed to help teachers more effectively engage students with personalized notifications, real-time feedback and multimedia content, among other features.

The Canvas Guides and Videos will get you started with the basics of Canvas:



Other Issues

Students registered in distance courses may contact the Center for Distance Education Help Desk for technical assistance. Please call 662.325.0278, email or fill out the form below.

Please provide a your first name.
Please provide a your last name.
Please provide a your NetID.
Please provide a your phone number.
Please select your operating system.
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