Course Descriptions

GR 4443 Weather Prediction I
(Prerequisite: GR 1604 or consent of instructor) Three hours video and online. Examination of the complexity of weather forecasting. Emphasis on numerical weather prediction, computer models, and mesoscale analysis.

GR 4453 Weather Prediction II
(Prerequisite: GR 4443 or consent of instructor) Three hours video and online. Continuation of GR 4443. Case studies of weather forecasts. Emphasis on special weather events and places.

GR 4473 Numerical Weather Prediction
(Prerequisite: Consent of instructor) This course provides students with an overview of the theory, processes, developments and applications of existing numerical weather prediction platforms.

GR 4603 Climatology
(Prerequisite: GR 1114 or GR 1123, or equivalent) Three hours lecture. Study of the elements and controls of weather and climate, distribution and characteristics of climatic regions.

GR 4623 Physical Meteorology
(Prerequisite: GR 1604) An investigation of cloud physics/precipitation processes and solar/terrestrial radiation, including atmospheric dynamics, atmospheric electricity, optics, and instrumentation.

GR 4633 Statistical Climatology
(Prerequisites: GR 1604 or GG 1113 or equivalent and MA 1313 or MA 1713) Two hours lecture. Two hours laboratory. A survey of the types of statistical weather data available. Manipulation of the data on various temporal and spatial scales.

GR 4713 Synoptic Meteorology
(Prerequisites: GR 1604 or equivalent) Two hours lecture. Two hours laboratory. Fundamental principles behind weather forecasting. Physical processes in the atmosphere, atmospheric circulation systems, air mass analysis, frontogenesis and frontolysis.

GR 4753 Satellite & Radar Met
Three hours lecture. Study of the history, the operations, and the applications of satellites and radar in weather analysis. Theory of meteorological measurements in determinations of atmospheric structure.

GR 4823 Dynamic Meteorology I
(Prerequisite: GR 4733/6733) Three hours lecture. In-depth examination of theoretical methods for determining atmospheric stability and the tools necessary to interrogate the vertical profile of the atmosphere.

GR 4923 Severe Weather
(Prerequisite: GR 4913/6913 or equivalent) Three hours lecture. Descriptive study of severe and unusual weather across the earth. Explanation of variations in severe weather in both spatial and temporal scales.

GR 4933 Dynamic Meteorology II
(Prerequisite GR 4823/6823 and MA 2733) Three hours lecture. Quantitative analysis and consideration of atmospheric circulation including jet streams, mid-latitude cyclones, voracity and atmospheric kinetics.