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The Aeronautical Meteorology Forecaster Certificate (AMF) was originally designed to prepare military weather forecasters to meet World Meteorological Organization (WMO) qualification requirements for Aeronautical Meteorology Forecasters as specified in WMO 258. In 2012, WMO released new education and training standards defined by WMO No. 1083. We have conducted a careful review of these standards, and believe that our AMF coursework addresses over 95% of the new atmospheric sciences preparation learning outcomes, and are seeking verification of compliance.

Students who complete the AMF certificate program should also meet the meteorology requirements for United States federal government employment as a meteorologist. Additional coursework in mathematics, physics and chemistry is required to meet both NWS and WMO standards, but is not offered through the Department of Geosciences. If you are interested in obtaining the AMF, please check with an advisor regarding when specific mathematics courses (e.g. Calculus) must be completed.

Aeronautical Meteorology Forecaster (AMF) Certificate

  • Delivered entirely online.
  • 33-credit hour certificate program.
  • Credits can be applied toward a BS degree in Geosciences.

With several of the courses being calculus-based, it is a good option for students who need to meet National Weather Service, American Meteorological Society or World Meteorological Organization requirements. Please note that these organizations will require additional coursework in math and science.

For more information on how specific courses are aligned with national or international standards and learning outcomes, please access Certificate Requirements & Seals.

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