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The Aeronautical Meteorology Forecaster Certificate (AMF) was designed to prepare military weather forecasters to meet the World Meteorological Organization qualification requirements for aeronautical meteorology forecasters.

Program highlights:

  • Satisfy most national or international meteorology requirements, such as those of the National Weather Service or the World Meteorological Organization, by completing advanced meteorological training.
  • Coursework from the AMF curriculum can be applied to the Bachelor of Science in Geosciences with a concentration in Broadcast and Operational Meteorology.
What are some potential careers?

This certificate opens doors to meteorological careers, military careers, aviation forecasting, climate research and more.

Who should pursue this certificate

Those interested in certification by the National Weather Service, American Meteorological Society, and/or World Meteorological Organization should consider this certificate program along with those with experience in military weather training seeking to further develop forecasting skills. And of course, the general weather enthusiast would enjoy this coursework.

For more information on how specific courses are aligned with national or international standards and learning outcomes, please access Certificate Requirements & Seals.

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