Career Opportunities

Forestry is the science and art of cultivating, maintaining, and developing forests for current and future uses. Typical tasks of a professional forester include but are not limited to:

  • Developing an overall forest management plan
  • Managing forest lands and resources for economic and recreational purposes
  • Planning and directing afforestation and reforestation projects
  • Mapping of forest areas, estimating standing timber and future growth, and managing timber sales
  • Planning harvest programs to assure continuous production of timber or assist timber companies achieve production goals
  • Determining appropriate methods for harvest and removal of timber with minimum waste and environmental damage
  • Directly suppressing forest fires
  • Conducting fire-prevention programs
  • Planning and directing construction and maintenance of roads, trails, firebreaks, and recreation facilities
  • Assisting in planning and implementation projects for control of floods, soil erosion, tree diseases, and forest insect pests
  • Advising landowners on forestry management techniques and conducting public education programs on forest care and conservation

Salary Information:

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Spring 2016 Salary survey, students graduating with a B.S. degree in forestry received an average starting salary of $34,412 per year. Starting salaries for those who have earned an M.S. degree averaged $44,111. Starting salaries in various employment sectors will vary depending on experience.