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Living and working on the land in an effective and resourceful manner provides the motivation for Mississippi State University's fully online Master of Science in Forestry offered by the Department of Forestry.

Students wishing to pursue this degree should have undergraduate or previous graduate degrees in programs that focus on biological/natural sciences or business/economics/policy. Students without undergraduate degrees in one of those two areas should have experience working in a forestry-related field.

The 30-hour graduate degree in forestry highlighting forest management, natural resource policy and law, and forest economics provides the knowledge to complete the task. We encourage you to realize the power of combining your career and education.

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The program is NOT designed to provide the skills for a person to become a practicing "on-the-ground" field forester who manages the forest land base. That will require the coursework in an undergraduate Forestry curriculum.

The Master of Science in Forestry program offers both thesis and non-thesis options. We encourage students enrolled in the Master of Science Degree in Forestry to familiarize themselves with the policies and procedures of Graduate Studies at MSU as well as the Department of Forestry Graduate Handbook. Click the title below to access the documents.

In our quest to provide the best educational experience through distance education, we have employed top quality instructors for our classes. All classes have instructors who are recognized experts in their field of study. Each instructor will be available for questions and discussion throughout each course. These instructors are real-life practitioners with advanced degrees who are experts in their areas of specialization.

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