Due to the cancellations and/or postponements of the GMAT and GRE exams in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office of the Graduate School is waiving the GMAT/GRE admission requirement for the Spring 2021, Summer 2021, and Fall 2021 for some programs. This program will be waiving the GRE. To see the list of programs that are still requiring the GRE, please visit the Office of the Graduate School’s Test Score Requirements Notice.

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The Master of Engineering (MENG) is a professional program designed for students seeking an interdisciplinary degree in engineering who lack access to traditional degree granting programs at the graduate level. This program allows engineers to pursue a flexible online graduate degree concentrating in either general or military engineering. The program upholds the same rigorous academic requirements as programs offered on the Mississippi State University campus. Additionally, students can choose between thesis and non-thesis options.

The Master of Engineering program at Mississippi State University is unique in the state of Mississippi. The program allows students to combine engineering courses with other disciplines to create a truly unique program of study.

What Our Students Say

"Bagley's Master of Engineering program offered through distance education has provided me with the optimal balance of flexibility, course rigor, course offerings, and ability to pursue a degree which aligns with my professional goals. I highly recommend this program to any other working professionals seeking an advanced technical degree - you'll feel like you are actually on campus!"

Kevin Jaeger, TN, MENG

"I have had a wonderful experience as a distance student in the Bagley College of Engineering at MSU. This distance program has given me the opportunity to continue my education all while pursuing my career goals. I have previously completed an online master's program at another university and Mississippi State has by far the BEST online education program. I am very thankful for the people at MS State and their dedication to the online students. I have recommended this program to many friends and colleagues!"

Jordan McQueen, MENG

"My time as a distance learner has been an amazing experience. The flexibility to take leadership courses as well as technical courses has allowed me to grow and develop professionally as an engineer. I would encourage anyone who is on the fence about continuing their education to consider MSU's distance program as an option."

Hannah Prater, MS, MENG

Military Engineering Concentration

Students interested in military engineering studies can build their personalized program of study around a selection of military engineering course offerings. Courses are continually under development for this newer concentration. Specific options may vary from semester to semester. This program is available to students with undergraduate degrees in engineering, math, or science disciplines. Up to 12 hours of this program can be taken from disciplines outside the college of engineering.

Required Coursework:

Engineering Statistics* IE 6613 or equivalent
Project Management* IE 6533, CE 6703 or equivalent
Capstone Course GE 8003
Military Engineering Electives 30 hours total

*Students who have previously completed equivalent courses within their undergraduate or graduate studies may substitute other engineering courses, which must be approved by their advisor.

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