Program Structure

The Elementary Education Online Program is designed to prepare teacher candidates with the essential foundations for instructing children in preK-6th grade. Teacher candidates will choose either an early childhood or middle school concentration. In addition to the elementary licensure, candidates can also earn add-on endorsements.

Curriculum Requirements

Important Information About Field Experiences

The Elementary Education Online Program offers an opportunity for teacher candidates to complete the Elementary Education program completely online. During a teacher candidate's junior and senior year in the program, the courses will require the following field experience hours:

  • Early Block: 20 hours in K-3rd grade classrooms
  • Middle Block: 45 hours in 4th-8th grade classrooms
  • Senior Block: 120 hours in 2nd-8th grade classrooms
  • Teaching Internships: Full-time in a K-6th classroom


You will ONLY be licensed to teach in the state of Mississippi when you finish your Elementary Education degree online. If you plan to teach in another state, you are responsible for contacting your own state Department of Education to find out the requirements for a teaching license in that state.

**We are no longer able to place students in Georgia for an internship. Residents living in the state of Georgia will not be eligible to teach in Georgia.**


It is possible to add other subject areas (called endorsements) to 3 year nonrenewable and 5 year renewable licenses. Most endorsements may be added by either having 18 credit hours in the content area or by passing the Praxis II for that area. For more information on endorsements, visit the Office of Clinical/Field-based Instruction and Licensure website or contact Donna Shea, Director, at 662.325.7684.


In our quest to provide the best educational experience through Distance Education, we have employed top quality instructors for our classes. All classes have instructors who are recognized experts in their field of study. Each instructor will be available for questions and discussion throughout each course. These instructors are real-life practitioners with advanced degrees who are experts in their areas of specialization.