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Mississippi State University's Department of Curriculum, Instruction, & Special Education offers a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with either an Early Childhood or a Middle School concentration through Distance Education. We would like to welcome you to take a glance into the program where all the courses are ONLINE. You can start the teacher education program in the fall or spring semester. If you have core classes to take, you can start those in the summer.

** We are no longer able to place students in Georgia for an intership. Residents in the state of Georgia will not be eligible to teach in Georgia.**

Why Choose MSU's Elementary Ed Online Program?

  • You will be enrolled in the only online elementary education bachelors program in the state of Mississippi.
  • You will enjoy the flexibility and convenience of online learning, and you can earn your degree from just about anywhere in the state or the world.
  • The program allows you to complete your field experiences and student teaching internship at an elementary or middle school in or near your hometown.
  • Online learning allows you to continue working through the junior year. (You must be able to complete field experiences during the school day for 2-6 hours per week the Junior year. During the senior semesters your time in classrooms will increase until the final semester when you work full time in a classroom as a student teaching intern.)
  • You will take part in field experiences that offer you experience in preK-6th grade classrooms.
  • Many of your courses will be taught by full time MSU faculty.
  • Your courses, assignments, and requirements will parallel the on-campus program, which means you earn the same degree you would get on campus.
  • You will take part in innovative and engaging education courses that provide you with the most current and evidence-based practices.
  • Your framed diploma (with maroon mat, of course) will look awesome displayed on the wall in your future classroom!
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