Refund Schedule

Account refunds are determined by the Office of the Controller and Treasurer.

Withdrawal from the University

To withdraw from the University (removing all courses from your schedule), complete a Withdrawal Request Form located in the Registration column under your Banner tab in the myState portal (login required). The withdrawal request must be filled out in its entirety; also, it is your responsibility to ensure that your advisor/responsible person in your academic program is aware of your withdrawal.

Refunds for tuition and Distance learning fees for withdrawals are based on a prorated scale and are based on the last date of attendance. Access the Refund Schedule to view the prorated scale for withdrawals.

Drop Policy

Fall & Spring Term: Students who reduce their normal course load during a semester to a level which results in a reduction in tuition and Distance learning fees may receive a 100 percent refund for the courses dropped through the fifth class day. After the fifth class day, no refunds are made for individual courses dropped.

Summer Term: Drops for all summer terms will be refunded at 100 percent of tuition and distance learning fees during the first class day. After the first class day, no refunds are made for individual courses dropped.

Important Reminders:

  • Any balance remaining on a student's account after the student withdraws or drops from a course is the responsibility of the student, even if the student does not complete the course.
  • If classes have not begun and you decide not to attend, please drop all classes manually. Adjustments to your schedule will take 10 to 15 working days to be processed. Refunds for drops or withdrawals after receiving your form will be issued according to the Mississippi State University Event Time Line set up by the Registrar's Office