Master's Program

The Computer Science MS is a 31-credit hour program. The program requires a graduate seminar, a graduate level theory course, group courses in a primary and secondary specialization, and 12 hours of additional work. In total 15 hours must be at the 8000 level or higher. In addition to the regularly offered courses, if there is interest, students could request the department to offer other courses online. However, for courses to be offered in a timely fashion, distance courses must be requested early in the semester before registration.

  • 4 hours (1 course + seminar) in the CS Core (Seminar & Theory)
  • 9 hours (3 courses) in the Primary Specialization
  • 6 hours (2 courses) in the Secondary Specialization
  • (Optional) 3 hours of Directed Project (CSE 8080)
  • 9–12 free hours (3–4 courses)

A student who wishes to study graduate Computer Science must have the ability to develop and analyze software for their study. Understanding the interface between computer hardware and software is required as is some mathematical fluency:

  • Two semesters programming with some Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Data Structures
  • Operating Systems Fundamentals
  • Basic Computing Theory
  • Mathematics for Computer Science

At this time, the following courses are scheduled to be offered for the next two semesters:

Spring 2020

Course Number Course Title
CSE 6833 Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms (3)
CSE 8233 Software Engineering Project Management (3)
CSE 8990 Data Science with R (3)
CSE 8011 Graduate Seminar (1)

Fall 2020

Course Number Course Title
CSE 6214 Introduction to Software Engineering (3)
CSE 6243 Information and Computer Security (3)
CSE 8833 Algorithims (3)
CSE 9633 Topics in Artificial Intelligence (3)

Non-Thesis versus Thesis

Distance students can choose to complete their degree with a thesis or non-thesis option. Thesis students must have 6 hours of CSE 8000 research with their major professor as part of their additional hours. Non-Thesis students may take CSE 8080 Directed Project with their major professor as part of their Additional Hours by agreement.

Research Opportunities

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is a research-intensive department with faculty who are world class researchers. CSE’s research expenditure in 2018 was about $10M, which is one of the highest in the nation. We encourage both on-campus and online students to participate in our many research opportunities.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning and Soft Computing
  • Computer Systems including Security and Networks
  • Computational Sciences including High Performance Computing and Bioinformatics
  • Graphics and Visualization including Visual Data Science and Augmented Reality
  • Human Centered Computing including Robotics
  • Software Engineering