Course Design

Course Consultations

All faculty and staff teaching campus 5 courses can meet with CDE's trained staff to help:

  • Develop a design plan for online courses
  • Determine methods of assessment and evaluation for students in online courses
  • Explore new classroom technology
  • And much more

CDE staff are knowledgeable in best practices for online courses and are ready and able to help.

Instructor Studio

Because video is an essential media form in online courses, CDE houses a free instructor studio for all faculty and staff teaching, or soon to be teaching, campus 5 courses. The studio is equipped with:

  • Recording software
  • Professional cameras and microphones
  • Document camera and drawing tablet
  • Dual monitors and high-performance workstation
  • Quiet and soundproof space
  • Backdrops

In-house staff are free to assist faculty with recording videos in the studio and consulting with faculty about video set-up and uses within online courses. Studio times must be booked at least 24-hours in advance of desired recording time.

Quality Matters

In 2017, Mississippi State University officially adopted Quality Matters (QM) as its official standard for online courses. CDE staff are certified by QM to administer the QM rubric to evaluate online courses. CDE offers Mississippi State faculty the opportunity to have their online courses reviewed at the QM standard for free. Benefits of having your online course reviewed include:

  • Detailed overview of how your online course is working
  • Possiblity of having your course MSU certified
  • Preperation for full QM review
  • Hands-on help in improving your online course

CDE staff are open and willing to work with faculty in moving through the review process; reviews can be completed in full, all at one time or in pieces over a longer period. In order to have your online course reviewed, CDE will need access to your course. Initial reviews may take 1 to 3 weeks to process.

For questions or more information, please contact:
Kiley Forsythe