Program Structure

M.S. in Conservation Education Degree Program (Non-thesis)

All courses are offered 100% online

Major Required Courses (21 credit hours)

Education and Leadership

Course Number Course Title Hours
WFA 8713 Program Development and Evaluation for Conservation Educators 3
WFA 8723 Conservation Education Outreach Techniques 3
WFA 8733 Conservation Leadership, Management, and Communication 3

Science Foundation

Course Number Course Title Hours
WFA 6623 Conservation Biology 3
WFA 8743 Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation 3
WFA 8753 Terrestrial Biodiversity Conservation 3

Capstone Project Course

Course Number Course Title Hours
WFA 8763 Capstone Project for Conservation Education 3

Elective Courses (9 credit hours)

Select 3 Courses

Course Number Course Title Hours
WFA 6223 Wildlife Plant Identification 3
WFA 6513 Current Topics in Human-Wildlife Interactions 3
WFA 6393 Urban Wildlife Ecology 3
WFA 8343 Concepts in Ecology and Natural Resource Management 3
WFA 8463 Human Dimensions of Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation 3
BIO 8053 Comprehensive Study of Animals (College of Arts & Sciences: Department of Biological Sciences) 3
Total Hours 30

*Major required courses: Per Office of Graduate Studies policy, “A student who has taken a course at the 4000 level at MSU CANNOT enroll in the same course at the 6000 level without explicit permission.” Any Major Required Course completed while an undergraduate fulfills the requirement to have taken the course, but it must be replaced with another graduate level course, selected from Elective Courses, to satisfy the 30 credit hours; the minimum graduate level course credit hour requirement for the degree program.

*Degree program requirements: At least 15 credit hours of GPA-graded coursework must be taken at the 8000-level or higher. In addition to coursework, all students will be required to take a final comprehensive exam.

*Degree program prerequisites: BIO 1134 Biology I & BIO 1144 Biology II or equivalents. The perquisite courses, or their equivalent, must be completed before admission. A grade of C or better is required on all undergraduate prerequisite courses and must be completed at an accredited institution. A passing score on the Praxis II Biology exam would be accepted in lieu of the pre-requisite courses for admission requirements.