Ready to Graduate?

  1. Have you completed 6 hours of English Composition (I and II)
  2. Have you completed 6 hours of approved Math courses?
  3. Have you finished the third semester of a foreign language?
  4. Have you completed an approved Fine Arts course?
  5. Have you completed your Public Speaking course?
  6. Have you completed 3 approved Science courses?
    1. Did 2 of the science courses have labs?
    2. Was one lab course a “biological science” course?
    3. Was one lab course a “physical science” course?
  7. Have you completed 1 approved Literature course?
  8. Have you completed 1 approved History course?
  9. Have you completed 1 approved Philosophy course?
  10. Have you completed 9 additional hours in Humanities crossing 2 subject areas?
  11. Have you completed General Psychology?
  12. Have you completed World Geography?
  13. Have you completed Introduction to Sociology?
  14. Have you completed 6 additional social science courses with no more than 6 hours in one discipline?
  15. Did you take all of the required Communication courses?
  16. Did you get at least a grade of C in each of your Communication courses or retake each course until you got a C?
  17. Have you had at least 31 hours of regular courses numbered 3000 or above in the College of Arts & Sciences at Mississippi State?
  18. Have you taken at least 32 hours of regular courses from Mississippi State?
  19. Have you made certain that all courses and hours you thought would transfer from another college have been accepted for credit for MSU?
  20. Does your total number of credits earned at or accepted by MSU for credit toward graduation equal or exceed 124 hours?
  21. Have you filled out a Senior Checksheet with your advisor and had it approved by the College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s office before your senior year?
  22. Did you apply for a degree by the deadline in your final semester?

Prior to graduating, all students must apply for a degree. The application can be found online in the myState portal. Log in and choose the Banner tab. Apply for a Degree is listed under the Academic Records menu.

All application deadlines can be found in the Academic Calendar. Do not miss the deadlines because the cost doubles and then quadruples for late applications.

Graduation FAQ:

Can I walk at graduation even though I am a distance student?
Distance students can walk at the graduation ceremony just like any on campus student.

Will my diploma state that I received my degree online?
Your diploma looks exactly like the diploma received by on campus students.

When are graduation ceremonies?
There is a graduation ceremony at the end of the fall and at the end of the spring semesters. There is no ceremony in the summer, but you may still apply for your degree during the summer term. The Office of the Registrar will send summer graduates a card inviting you to walk in the fall graduation ceremony.

When do I apply for graduation?
All application deadlines can be found in the Academic Calendar.

How do I order regalia for graduation?
Orders will be taken each semester about halfway through the semester. For details on the order process visit the Barnes & Noble website.

When will my diploma arrive?
It typically takes about 6 weeks upon the end of a semester for the audits of final grades to be completed and for your diploma to be mailed to you.

How can I order a transcript?
If you wish to order copies of your transcript, please visit the Office of the Registrar's website for instructions.