Course Registration

Students must meet all of the following criteria before attempting to register for Online Education courses:

  • Only students fully admitted into the University are eligible to register for Online Education courses.
  • All fully admitted students should consult with their advisor prior to registering for courses to ensure courses they wish to take will help fulfill degree requirements. Courses taken without proper advisor approval may or may not be applied to a student's program of study.
  • Students wishing to register for Online Education courses will need to be released to register. If you have not received an email stating that you have been released to register, please contact your advisor.

Students will need the following information in order to complete the online registration process:

  • NetID
  • NetPassword
  • List of courses and course information:
    • Subject (ARC 1013-501)
    • Course Number (ARC 1013-501)
    • Section Number (ARC 1013 501)

How to Register

  1. Login to myState using your NetID and NetPassword.
    • Current students will use the same NetID and NetPassword used to access previous courses.
    • New users will need to vist NetPassword Maintenance to "Set your initial NetPassword", "Lookup NetID", or "Enroll in or Manage Two-Factor Authentication".
  2. Open the navigation menu by clicking the "hamburger" icon at the top left of the page.
  3. Select "Banner" from the list of menu options.
  4. Click on the "myBanner For Students" tab.
  5. Under the column labeled “Registration”, click “Registration Checklist” and complete those steps to proceed.
  6. Under the column labeled "Registration", click "Banner 8 Registration".
  7. Select the term in which you wish to register from the drop down menu, click "Submit Term".
  8. Click "Add/Drop Classes Using One Class At A Time Option".
  9. Click "Class Search"
  10. Select "Online Education" as your campus. Once you have completed the appropriate filters, you may view your course options by clicking "Search".
  11. Click on the appropriate section (e.g. 501) of the course for which you wish to register and click "Add Class." The selected course will then be added to your class schedule. You may add additional courses by repeating this process.