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Computational Engineering is an interdisciplinary curriculum with both Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy Degrees available. The program focuses on computational approaches to study systems governed by conservation laws that are seen in various fields of engineering and science.

Program highlights:

  • These fully online programs of study are personalized to the individual student.
  • Many classes in Computational Engineering are taken through the departments of Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, and others.
  • All academic activities ranging from taking classes to sitting for examinations are performed via the internet or at appropriate remote locations.
What are some potential careers?

Computational engineers with an advanced degree will be capable of pursuing careers in a variety of fields, including energy, manufacturing, aerospace, health care and microelectronics.

Who should pursue this degree?

If you have an engineering background and are interested in careers in computational modeling in engineering, this is the degree you’re seeking. You should also consider this degree if you have a background in physics, computer science or mathematics and are interested in enhancing your knowledge and understanding applications in engineering and practical modeling techniques.

"The program I wanted is not a very popular program and an even less popular online program. MSU offered all the courses I wanted to take with the option to take them online. I was very happy to join the Mississippi State family."

Brittany Morgan, St. Petersburg, FL

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