Mississippi State University’s Graduate School no longer requires the GRE or GMAT for admissions purposes. However, some departments may require these test scores to be eligible for an assistantship. Please contact departments directly for more information on applying for a graduate assistantship. Visit the Office of the Graduate School’s Test Score Requirements Notice for more information.

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The Richard A. Rula School of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Science (thesis and non-thesis option) and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Major areas of study include structures, geotechnical, water resources, transportation, construction materials and environmental engineering.

Program highlights:

  • Research in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is broadly based.
  • Projects are underway in the Department’s thrust areas of Structures, Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, Materials and Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation, and Construction Engineering and Management.
What are some potential careers?

An advanced degree in civil and environmental engineering can lead to career advancements for civil engineers, design engineers or civil/structural engineers.

Who should pursue this degree?

Do you like to work outdoors as well as indoors? Do you excel at subjects like science and mathematics? Do you have a passion for building things or for taking things apart and putting them back together? Civil engineers are responsible for maintaining, repairing and upgrading infrastructure, so they are involved with engineering projects in a unique and ongoing way even after construction is complete. A graduate degree is for those who want to learn more and provide leadership in their workplace.

"After working hard for 30+ years to get our four daughters through college, I wanted to finally complete my master’s degree. I chose my area of specialization of Civil Engineering, and I'm known across the nation as a pretty decent asphalt scientist. I chose MSU primarily based on reputation and recommendations from my colleagues in the business who attended MSU and worked with professors at MSU. The high ranking of the MSU Online program, convenience of reviewing class lectures either during or immediately after presentation, my lack of knowledge of the SE asphalt and aggregate industry, learning from professors I'm not familiar with and reasonable price all played a role. I really felt that learning from experts I do not work with often or know will provide me with new ideas, challenges and opportunities. I've made the right choice and have enjoyed my first three semesters."

Tim Murphy, Chicago, IL

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