Tuition & Fees

Mississippi State University Online Education students pay the in-state tuition rate no matter the state of residency.

Tuition for Online Education is assessed on a per-credit hour basis at the prevailing rates as determined by the Institutions of Higher Learning, the governing board of the University. Mississippi State University Online Education students pay the in-state tuition rate no matter their state of residency.

In addition to tuition, instructional support and other Online required fees will apply.

Tuition rates and Online fees are subject to change from semester to semester. Current tuition and fees are listed under the "Online Education" tab on the Office of the Controller and Treasurer's website.

Student Accounts

To view your billing statement:

  1. Go to myState
  2. Enter your NetID and NetPassword
  3. Select the Banner tab
  4. Look under the Personal Information column on the right-hand side, then select VIEW YOUR BILLING STATEMENT

If you have questions concerning your billing statement, please contact Student Account Services at (662) 325-2071.

Specific information regarding payment deadlines and service charges is available on the Manage Account page.

Senior Citizens in Mississippi

Tuition waivers for online classes are available to Mississippi residents over the age of 60. Please read the senior citizen tuition waiver policy to see if you qualify.

Contact Mary Kathryn Morrow at to receive the appropriate forms for tuition waivers.

MSU Employees

Tuition remission is available for MSU employees. Please read the MSU employee tuition remission policy to see if you qualify.

**Textbooks and other course materials are not included in tuition cost.**

Tuition & Fees

To locate current tuition and fees, visit the Master Class Schedule: Master Schedule

Choose the following items from the drop-down menus:

Term: Semester of interest
Part of Term: All Parts of Term
Campus: Online Education
Level: Undergraduate OR Graduate
Subject: Subject of Interest
Course #: Course Number

Then click "View Sections"

Select the Course (example: Click on ACC 2013)

Screenshot of an arrow pointing to a link for the course

Click on Section Fees Tab for current tuition and required fees.

Tuition is listed beside T&RF. The Instructional Support Fee is included with all classes. Other distance fees that may apply will be listed in that same section.

Screenshot of arrows pointing to the cost and fees associated with the class

Need additional information? Please contact your Coordinator!