Program Structure

The Companion Animal Management Certificate at Mississippi State University requires the completion of six courses and a total of 15 credit hours.

Core Curriculum Courses
Course Number Course Title Hours
ADS 2202 Companion Animal Evaluation 2
ADS 2313 Animal Behavior & Training 3
ADS 3413 Companion Animal Nutrition 3
ADS 4513/6513 Companion Animal Management 3
ADS 4511/6511 Companion Animal Management Lab 1
ADS 4713/6713 Human-Animal Bond Shelter Management 3
Total Hours: 15

ADS 2202 Companion Animal Evaluation Four hours laboratory. Individual evaluation of companion animals with an in-depth study of anatomy and its relationship to function, plus methods used in evaluating companion animals in competition.

ADS 2313 Behavior & Training Two hours lecture and two hours laboratory. Animal behavior and application of psychology principles for training animals. Systematic approaches to training emphasizing learning principles and training methods for specific animal activities.

ADS 3413 Companion Animal Nutrition Three hours lecture. Discovery of fundamental principles of companion animal nutrition through applied learning.

ADS 4513/6513 Companion Animal Management Three hours lecture. Focus on various aspects of companion animal management including breed selection, nutrition, reproduction, and marketing.

ADS 4511/6511 Companion Animal Lab Two hours laboratory. Management practices for companion animals. The selection, handling, and care techniques for various types of companion animals.

ADS 2202 ADS 4713/6713 Human-Animal Bond/Shelter Mgt Three hours lecture. Overview of the social, physical, and emotional benefits to humans through the human-animal bond with a closer look into the therapeutic roles of animals. Learn practical concepts for animal shelter management.