Program Structure

The certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is designed to lead students to certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) by offering classes that are approved as a Verified Course Sequence (VCS) by the Applied Behavior Analysis International (ABAI). This is a 21-hour certificate program designed to begin in the Fall semester and be completed within 2 years.

Applicants must already have a master’s degree in Education or Psychology prior to enrollment in the certificate program. To obtain the certificate in ABA, students complete all 7 of the courses that make up the 21 ABA concentration credit hours.

Required ABA Concentration Curriculum:

  • • EPY 6113 Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (3 hours)
  • • EPY 6223 Applications of Behavior Analysis (3 hours)
  • • EPY 8493 Social-Emotional and Behavioral Assessment (3 hours)
  • • EPY 8763 Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis (3 hours)
  • • EPY 9603 Legal and Ethical Issues in Behavior Analysis (3 hours)
  • • EPY 9443 Single Subject Design (3 hours)
  • • EPY 9613 Consultation, Supervision, and Personnel Management (3 hours)