Manufacturing Management

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INDT 3044 Industrial Safety
(Prerequisite: Junior Standing) Four hours lecture. Principles and procedures relating to appraisal, organization and administration of safety programs in industrial plants including implementation of occupational safety and health legislation.

INDT 3063 Industrial Human Relations
(Prerequisite: Junior standing ) Three hours lecture. The application of psychological principles to teacher-pupil relationships, employer-employee relationships, and other human relationships in business and industry.

INDT 3813 Writing for Industry
(Prerequisite: Junior Standing) Three Hours Lecture. The creation of work instructions, manuals, requests for proposals, presentations, justification for equipment, and professional and personal written communications, using different communication media.

INDT 4224 Quality Assurance
(Prerequisite: BQA 2113 or ST 2113 or MA 2113 and Junior Standing) Four hours lecture. Concepts and procedures to design, plan, assure and audit quality systems, with an introduction to Six Sigma and experimental design.

INDT 4233 Maintenance Management
(Prerequisite: Junior Standing) Three hours lecture. Understanding of the concepts and practices of Total Productive Maintenance Management, to give a proactive production maintenance strategy for the future.

INDT 4263 Manufacturing Technology
(Prerequisite: Senior Standing) Three hours lecture. Discussion and appreciation of manufacturing processes with regard to material processing

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