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EP 3183 Exercise Psychology
Three hours lecture. This course will explore the theory and research related to psychological and sociological perspectives of physical activity and how exercise may impact the individual’s psychosocial health and behavior.

KI 3273 Athletic Training
(Prerequisite: BIO 1004 or BIO 2004) Three hours lecture. Designed for those beginning careers in coaching, physical education, and the fitness profession, the course prepares students to prevent, recognize, and treat of injuries prevalent and manage emergency situations in athletics, physical education, and adult fitness programs.

PE 3163 Sport Psychology
Three hours lecture. This course will provide students with an overview of the theories and research related to sport and exercise behavior. Topics to be covered include the history of sport psychology, behavioral principles, anxiety, motivation, leadership, group dynamics, gender, and personality.

PE 3223 Motor Development & Movement
(Prerequisite: BIO 1004) Three hours lecture. A study of human motor development and movement. Introducing the terminology, principles to motor development and the concept of developmentally appropriate practice as it relates to physical education, exercise science, human development, special education, elementary education and other health-related fields.

PE 3433 General Safety Methods
(Prerequisite: Junior Standing) Three hours lecture. Analysis of accident causes and methods of prevention. Home, school, industry, farm, water, pedestrian problems considered.

PE 4413 Basic Driver Education I
(Prerequisite: Valid driver's license, two years driving experience) Three hours lecture. Critical analysis of traffic accidents, attitude factors, essential knowledge of automobile operations and traffic laws and regulations for developing driving skills.

SS 3103 Sport Sponsorship
Three hours lecture. The primary objective is to learn the fundamental aspects of sport sponsorship and apply knowledge to management practice. It is to understand how sport sponsorship principles and practices are combined and applied to solve sport industry problems.

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