Program Structure

To apply for the General Biology Certificate, email the completed General Biology Certificate Applicationto Dr. Donna M. Gordon at For those students enrolled in a graduate degree program, the application should be submitted during the final semester of coursework or earlier, if certificate requirements have been met.


  • 18 credit hour certificate program; equivalent to 6 courses
  • At least half the hours must be at the 8000 level; no more than 9 credit hours of coursework can come from 6000 level courses
  • All courses are completed completely online
  • Complete two courses per semester to earn the certificate in one year

Curriculum Prerequisites

Students interested in pursuing this certificate should have completed a minimum of 12-15 credit hours of undergraduate Biology-based coursework as part of their bachelor's degree program.

Required coursework to include:

Course Number Course Title Semester
BIO 8053 Comprehensive Study of Animals Fall
BIO 8063 Comprehensive Study of Plants Spring

Remaining 12 credit hours may be selected from:

Course Number Course Title Semester
BIO 6013 Genetics & Molecular Biology Fall
BIO 6023 Principles of Evolutionary Biology Spring
BIO 6033 Fundamentals of Biotechnology Summer
BIO 6043 Developmental & Reproductive Biology Fall
BIO 8023 Modern Microbiology Fall
BIO 8033 Advanced Cell Biology Spring
BIO 8043 Ecology & the Environment Summer
BIO 8093 Experimental Biology & Biostatistics Spring