Program Structure

With successful completion of program requirements, students can apply to receive the ‘General Biology Certificate’ notation on their transcript by sending the completed General Biology Certificate Applicationto Dr. Donna M. Gordon at For those students enrolled in a graduate degree program, the application should be submitted during the final semester of coursework or earlier, if certificate requirements have been met.


  • 18 credit hour certificate program; equivalent to 6 courses
  • At least half the hours must be at the 8000 level; no more than 9 credit hours of coursework can come from 6000 level courses
  • All courses are completed completely online
  • Complete two courses per semester to earn the certificate in one year

Curriculum Prerequisites

Students interested in pursuing this certificate should have completed a minimum of 12-15 credit hours of undergraduate Biology-based coursework as part of their bachelor's degree program.

Required coursework to include:

Course Number Course Title Semester
BIO 8053 Comprehensive Study of Animals Fall
BIO 8063 Comprehensive Study of Plants Spring

Remaining 12 credit hours may be selected from:

Course Number Course Title Semester
BIO 6013 Genetics & Molecular Biology Fall
BIO 6023 Principles of Evolutionary Biology Spring
BIO 6033 Fundamentals of Biotechnology Summer
BIO 6043 Developmental & Reproductive Biology Fall
BIO 8023 Modern Microbiology Fall
BIO 8033 Advanced Cell Biology Spring
BIO 8043 Ecology & the Environment Summer
BIO 8093 Experimental Biology & Biostatistics Spring