What is the General Biology Certificate Program?

This program leads to a graduate certificate in General Biology. Students complete 18 credit hours and can apply for admission for any semester.

Program highlights:

  • Teachers with a master's degree who need 18 credit hours of graduate level courses in Biology to teach dual enrollment courses at the high school level or biology-based courses at the community college level will find this certificate program meets their needs.
  • EGraduate students in online degree programs needing coursework to fulfill elective requirements may find that this meets those requirements.
  • Requirements can be met by students enrolled in the M.S. in General Biology degree program or completed as the electives for students enrolled in the M.A. Teaching Community College Education program.
  • A maximum of six related graduate level credit hours may be transferred into the certificate program at the discretion of the graduate coordinator/committee.
What are some potential careers?

This program is designed for current teachers seeking to increase their general biology knowledge, teach dual credit, or teach at the community college level. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to contact their appropriate administrators prior to applying as program coursework may not fulfill credentialing needs for higher education teaching without additional qualifications.

Who should pursue this certificate

Teachers who wish to gain more biology training at the graduate level or those with other careers related to biology such as plant or animal-based laboratories will find this program advantageous.

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