Course Descriptions

ADS 6553 Current Literature in Animal and Dairy Sciences
(Prerequisite: Junior, Senior or graduate standing) Three hours lecture. Evaluation of current research in animal and dairy sciences and its application to production and management.

ADS 6633 Immunology and Disease in Large Livestock Species
(Prerequisite: ADS/VS 3014) Three hours lecture. This course will cover common diseases in dairy cattle, beef cattle, and horses. Curriculum will include immunology, disease transfer, prevention methods, detection techniques, treatment options, and potential impacts on the animal, producer, and industry.

ADS 7000 Directed Individual Study
Hours and credits to be arranged.

ADS 8004 Method Application & Data Analyses in Animal Sciences
(Prerequisite: ST 8114 or equivalent) Three hours lecture and two hours laboratory. Data analyses and experimental design principles used commonly in the field of animal science. Data management and practical applications using statistical software. Assessment of validity in differing methods of analysis.

ADS 8111 Animal and Dairy Sciences Seminar
Survey of current literature; preparation, organization, and presentation of papers on selected topics in animal and dairy sciences. (Course is repeatable and may be taken 6 times)

ADS 8133 Endocrine Secretions
Three hours lecture. Study of factors by which cells communicate: the traditional endocrine system, autocrine, paracrine and neurocrine secretion. Physiological and genetic control of synthesis and secretion.

ADS 8162 Monogastric Nutrition
(Prerequisite: ADS 4114/6114 or equivalent) Two hours lecture. Monogastric nutritional relationships with special emphasis on swine nutrition. Metabolic functions, dietary requirements, deficiency symptoms and distribution of nutrients in feedstuffs.

ADS 8243 Advanced Physiology of Reproduction
(Prerequisite: ADS 4613/6613 or its equivalent) Three hours lecture. An advanced study of the reproductive process with emphasis on reproductive endocrinology and the physiology of germ cells. (Same as PHY 8243)

ADS 8333 Nutritional Biochemistry of Livestock Species
Three hours lecture. The biochemical aspects of post-absorptive nutrient utilization, intermediary metabolism, and tissue-level accretion in livestock species will be discussed. Particular emphasis will be placed on the contribution of nutrients to the metabolic disposition of economically important tissues including muscle and adipose.

ADS 8423 Meat Science
Summer semester. (Prerequisites: CH 4513/6513 or equivalent and BIO 3304 or equivalent) Three hours lecture. Basic study of the value of meat and how this information is applied to the evaluation, processing and preservation of meat, meat products and meat by-products. (Same as FNH 8423)

ADS 8463 Advanced Animal Nutrition
(Prerequisite: ADS 4114/6114 or prior approval from instructor) Two hour lecture. Two hour laboratory. Develop an understanding of nutritional physiology, metabolism, and utilization of nutrients by animal species.

ADS 8973 Scientific Writing
(Prerequisite: Graduate standing and consent of instructor) Three hours lecture. The course provides advanced training in research proposal, grant proposal, and manuscript writing. (Same as FO 8973 and CVM 8973)

BCH 6013 Principles of Biochemistry
(Prerequisite: CH 2503, BIO 1134 or equivalent) Three hours lecture. A survey of biochemistry designed to provide the non-major with a comprehensive background in the field. (Credit will not be given to students matriculating in the Biochemistry or Molecular Biology degree programs)